Indian Parent & Child Program 

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Indian Parent & Child Services (IPCS) is an off-reservation program instituted to focus on the prevention of child abuse and neglect of Native children. We are a supportive Indian Child Welfare Program (ICWA), working with at-risk families.

IPCS preserves Native families and tradition by providing culturally aligned parent education, mental health services through our Indian Health Clinic, recruitment and training of Native foster homes, and by providing culturally attuned support to Native families involved with DCYF. IPCS also supports families in reunification and valuable family goal planning. IPCS adheres to the Indian Child Welfare Act and ensures that Native Children Stay in Native Homes.


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IPCS Program Director:

Jasmine Jones

401 781-1098 extension 300

"ICWA is a best practice that has been a very successful policy for Indian Country, to right the wrongs of the Indian removal period and make sure that our families remain whole and our nations remain whole,"
Tyson Johnston: Vice Chairman of  Quinault Nation 2019